Lawrence Neal Chairs


Maker of fine traditional rush seated chairs

A village craft founded by Ernest Gimson

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Below is a selection of my range of chairs.

Photo 1: Bedales, no.1 and 1a. Photo 2: Clissett, no.2 and 2a

Photo 3: Gimson, no.3 and 3a. Photo 4: Russell, no.5 and 5a

Photo 5: Ledbury no.7a. Photo 6: Ledbury no.7

Photo 7: L.C.C no.4a. Photo 8: L.C.C no.4

Photo 9: Pass High Back no.9a. Photo 10: Pass High Back no.9

Photo 11: Gardiner no.6a. Photo 12: Gimson Fireside

Photo 13: Clissett no.2b arm. Photo 14: Clissett no.2b small

Photo 15: No.10 Rocking Chair. Photo 16: L.C.C Rocking Chair


(C) Lawrence Neal Chairs, 2009